Pastor Bill Ruhl: August 2019 Marks 7 Years for FGGAM!

This post is written by Pastor Bill Ruhl, pictured above, who is also the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors For God’s Glory Alone Ministries. God Bless you Pastor Bill for your Godly wisdom! We love you and Monica so very much!
FGGAM Seventh Anniversary
August 2019 marks seven years for FGGAM. Anniversaries are milestones, they mark a completed point along a journey and are a point of celebration and reflection on all that has been overcome and accomplished along the way.
Seven years of a journey. For Dewey, much like the direction to Abraham by God, it was pack up, leave where you are, and go to a place you do not know. Wow! I remember Dewey’s expression of concern and his question those many years ago as we stood together in his driveway, with the remnants of his radio journey packed away in a few boxes headed for storage in his garage… “What now?” What now and where to Lord? Those are the questions so many have set before the Lord at points of transition and obedience. God’s answer, still today… “Trust me and Go!”
Seven years later marks a point of completion along that journey. A significant milestone. It signifies that the next segment of this journey will be sustained by what has been developed and finely tuned during those years of training. It also speaks of heading into a time of new beginnings.
What has been developed in these seven years? Foremost, a ministry dedicated to God’s Glory Alone. An outreach to communities both near and far. Circuit preaching, guest speaking, a worldwide online following, news coverage from across the globe delivered with a Christian perspective, a treasure trove of writers contributing their talents on a regular ongoing basis, words of encouragement, and connections with friends and communities both old and new. Yet the fabric of the Ministry never changes; It is indeed a garment woven For God’s Glory Alone and worn in love and humility by God’s chosen preacher, Dewey Moede.
So, congratulations Dewey and FGGAM! As we celebrate, what do we contemplate ahead on the next horizon? Well, that remains as it has always been, the voice of the Lord declaring, “Go!” And so we shall… For God’s Glory Alone!
Blessings, Pastor Bill Ruhl – Global Destiny Ministry

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