Laugh Out On The Water…

Good morning beautiful people. It is so good, so refreshing to laugh. Sometimes, I must admit I am a bit too serious. I tend to want to gather the facts, figure things out and make a decision. In Christ, that’s not the way it is. Most times you step out in blind faith, not knowing. Sometimes, I just plain tell him, Jesus this is risky and it is stretching me. Every time I have taken a step of faith, took a risk, I must admit Jesus has met me out on the water. I haven’t drowned yet!

As time goes by and I look back, I can laugh at how terrified I was to step out into the deep. I had to learn to silence the naysayers around me that are stuck in their own boat. They wish they could step out, but they can’t. I had to learn to do new things afraid. I had to put my confidence in Christ alone. I learned to laugh out on the water.  Let’s Pray:


Father, thank you that we are blessed as we put our trust in our LORD, our confidence is in him. (Jeremiah 17:7) You fill our mouth with laughter and our lips with shouts of joy. (Job 8:21) Even out on the water as we keep or eyes looking up we go beyond what we could ever think. You strengthen our weaknesses and we sail out into the deep, knowing you are with us.

Father, take us deeper. Teach us how to laugh out on the water, knowing you will bring us safely to the other side. Amen.

Have a blessed day God’s beautiful people. Learn to laugh out on the water.

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