Executive Director of Right to Life Committee of NM, Ethel Maharg: “Let’s Roll”


I asked Ethel Maharg, pictured above, who is the Executive Director of Right to Life Committee of NM to update us on the abortion issue here in New Mexico and what we can expect in the upcoming 2020 Legislature session. We must pray, seek wisdom, plan and take part in the movement to defeat abortion in New Mexico. Thank you for keeping is informed Ethel! God Bless you for all you do for God’s babies!

Let’s Roll


On September 11, 2001 the crew of Flight 93 made a courageous move to fight terrorists on their plane. The plane was headed to our nation’s congress. They made a decision, then said those two infamous words “Let’s Roll” then paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives as they crashed the plane instead of allowing it to hit its intended target.


What does this have to do with 2020? Everything. Our Governor is trying to steer the Life plane in the wrong direction and we like the passengers and crew have made the decision that we will fight this fight with everything we have.


The 2020 legislative session is supposed to be a budget session, yet the Governor has pledged to bring up the abortion issue again. She was angered that although she exerted great pressure on Senators, they did not acquiesce to her demands. She is determined to pass a pro-abortion bill and is working to replace anyone who will not do her bidding.


We are working to build chapters throughout the entire state. We have 33 counties and only have 11 active chapters. It is imperative that the entire state engages in this battle. To do this we are asking people to participate in their local chapter, and if they do not have one, consider starting one.


We are also circulating petitions in support of our current abortion law that will go into effect when Roe vs. Wade is overturned. If you can help in this effort, please call us, as it is a huge undertaking.


As you know 8 Democrat Senators voted with us to defeat HB 51 and because of this they are now the target of the Governor and those in the Progressive movement. It took courage for them to stand with us because they knew it came at a price. We are now determined to stand with them. We cannot allow what amounts to censorship to take place in our state. These Senators have free will and the right to vote their convictions and those of their constituents. We will be doing all we can to see to it that they are not unseated in the 2020 election because they stood for life.


Lastly we are searching for candidates who support life to run for public office in 2020. We need people of good character who love our state and will do what it takes to make it a better place to live.  Let’s not forget our local school board elections. The time to run for these positions is now with an August 27th deadline. These are some of the most important positions to hold as they affect our children’s future.


Like 911 we can never forget that over 4400 babies, one every 22 seconds die by legal abortion in the United States and we must fight until the tide turns and life is once again respected. We must not let this Life plane get to the destination the Governor and Progressives want it to get to. Make no mistake, like those on flight 93 it will cost us something, but the price we pay is worth paying.


Let’s Roll

Ethel Maharg

Right to Life Committee of NM






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