Compassion, Prayer and Care is FGGAM

I would like to take just a moment to thank Dewey and his team at FGGAM.  It’s evident that compassion, prayer and care are at the forefront of this ministry.  With such a great online presence, FGGAM reaches across the entire country. Praise the Lord for the work that He is doing and I look forward to following the successes and testimonies from Pastor Dewey and his team. Blessings!
Brandon Deckert
Middlebury, Indiana
Pictured above is Brandon and his daughter McKenna
FGGAM will be 7 years young in August of this year! Will you help our efforts here at FGGAM? On the road and online for JESUS? Shining our light worldwide to one person at a time for God’s Glory alone! Your help is much appreciated.
“Dewey Moede truly cares about people. I’ve seen firsthand that he will do whatever he needs to do in order to serve people, help people and most importantly show people how Jesus can change their life. He helped me develop spiritually and professionally in many different ways and I will always be grateful for that.”
Johnny Bennett
Mishawaka, Indiana
The Reserve Baptist Church has been blessed by the appearance of Pastor Dewey. He is able to bring the word of God to us twice a month. Pastor Dewey preaches the Love of God our Father in Heaven and he leads us in Prayer  to lay a hand on all the wrongdoers, and those that hate, all the sinners of this world and country. He leads us in Prayer for all the sick and needy and our special requests. There is so much more. He spreads the word from the LOVE in his heart. We are blessed with his presence and He is Blessed by God our Father. Love this Man of God. Thank you Dewey, God Bless you and Sharon,????????????Eddilu Brown
Reserve, New Mexico

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