Christian Radio Saturates the Airwaves in America!


Christian Radio Filling the Airwaves With Truth for Our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!

PTL!!! Thanks to my dear friend Dan Dobson of KWOA Radio in Worthington, Minnesota for send this to me! Our Ministry program, “House of Hope” airs on KWOA! I am so excited about this report from Inside Radio! I also give thanks to the Lord that I am still involved in Christian Radio, as a consultant for WFRN/WCMR in Elkhart, Indiana!! I worked at  WFRN/WCMR from 1986 until 1995, when we moved to Albuquerque. (in between those years I spent 6 months in Watertown, SD at KIXX gaining management experience) I served then as VP of Marketing and Sales. My very best years in radio. The stations are still run my the Moore family, locally owned operators since the founding of the stations in 1956! There are not many locally owned stations anymore in America. Blessed to be part of the team!

WFRN has always been one of the top Adult Contemporary Christian stations in America! A 50,000 Watt Flame thrower for our Lord Jesus Christ!!! WCMR has an excellent format of Southern Gospel music.

Please pray about supporting Christian Radio! Whether you do it as a Business owner or as an individual, we all need to support our Christian Broadcasters!

Inside Radio Reports:

Contemporary Christian is on a roll. The radio format gained 10 outlets in June 2019 over the month before, according to exclusive Inside Radio data that tallies monthly Format Counts. The genre now has 1,236 outlets nationwide, ranking it No. 4 in terms of most stations across the AM/FM dial. It has also picked up 36 new stations year over year, since June 2018. Within the format, 194 are commercial stations, and 1,042 are non-commercial. Inside Radio Story

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