Is There Any Hope For My Son to Overcome PTSD?


Pastor Dewey Note, PTSD is an epidemic in America, from our military heroes, to our police, firefighters, emt’s, parents of children killed in mass shootings, school teachers and students who witness these horrific shootings and on and on we go. We have created hell on earth here in America for our children, we are all responsible for this horrible situation. This is what happens when a nation drifts away from God. America has become a country of harden hearts. Jesus is the only answer, not politics, but most all those folks in D.C. are blind to the truth of JESUS!

The American Church needs salt.

Why do we send our men and women to Afghanistan? It is a hell hole! I do not think the politicians in D.C. care! They fight each other, they do not do the people’s business! While they wrestle in the mud, men and women are dying in Afghanistan, for what?

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Is there any hope for my son to overcome his PTSD?

Jun 1, 2019

From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Q: My son returned from a military tour in Afghanistan and severely struggles with PTSD. He served our country fighting one battle only to return and fight a greater battle that he is not winning. It is so discouraging to watch his struggles that often lead to raging fits and other anxiety symptoms. Is there any hope for him to overcome this terrible battle? — W.M.

A: There is always hope. When the world tells us to “Give up,” hope whispers. Perhaps the greatest psychological, physical and spiritual need all people have is the need for hope that builds our faith and points us beyond our problems.

Louis Zamperini, a former American Olympic distance runner and WWII POW lived to tell about how he survived 20 months in a Japanese prison camp, only to return home and find himself depressed because of his nightmares and his dependency on alcohol. His story is worth listening to in the documentary “Captured by Grace.” This message will shed light on the struggles and ultimate victory that so many military personnel experience.

The Bible says, “Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad” (Proverbs 12:25). This is exactly what turned Louis around: God’s Good News. Nothing is more healing than reading God’s Word and believing it to the point of submitting completely to its truth. The Bible says, “(God’s) word is my source of hope” (Psalm 119:114, NLT). No situation is beyond God’s control.

There are many who have made great sacrifices that have benefitted the American people and we must faithfully lift them up to the Lord, praying for their comfort in sorrow, light in darkness, peace in turmoil, rest in weariness and healing in sickness and disease. The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ gives all of this to us in great measure.

(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)


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