Church Weddings Are Now a Minority


I see it….I live it as a Pastor. So many are married in other places now, rather at a Church. You see it is all part of what the Mpls StarTrib calls the “Unchurching of America.” Even many people who belong to a Church, are married elsewhere. One of the missions we have here at FGGAM is to try and connect people to a Pastor and Church. Many say the believe in God but do not want to be attached to a Church and Pastor, others will say they do not care for organized religion, while many, too many, say they have been hurt by the Church.

The ‘sting’ here is that Church attendance in America continues to fall. We have lost generation after generation.

So much clergy sexual abuse in the church has hurt JESUS so very much, it is very tragic.

I see it in funerals. I do many funerals, many hospital visits for families and individuals that do not have a Church. I had a Funeral Home Director tell me just the other day he had served a family where their loved one was cremated, and they told him “do whatever you want with the urn, dispose it any way you want!” So very sad, so tragic.

Sometimes when I officiate at a funeral, many are hearing the gospel for the first time in a long time, or maybe, for the fist time ever!

I will say that having weddings on ranches, in hotels, barns, in homes, in other places is something I am not against, but JESUS must be present!

Story Here Church Weddings are now a minority.

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