Are You Concerned About the City of ABQ Promoting Adult Entertainment as a Library Program for Children?

Thank you Janice Arnold E. Jones and Marcie May for this important in formation!
Friends:  if you are concerned about the City of Albuquerque promoting Adult entertainment as appropriate library program material for young children, please show up today to stand with Marcie May at the public comment period, City Council chambers (lowest level) civic center, 4:30 pm.  You are encouraged to sign up to speak as well.
A thought:  disagreement is not hate or hate  speech.  Productive Civil discourse involves disagreement.
PS:  you are receiving this note especially because I cannot be there this evening.  If you are able, please stand with Marcie.
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Janice. E. Arnold Jones sent this email to me that she got from New Mexico  Governor Michelle Lujan. Janice stated, “Hope you can distribute this fundraising email from the Governor.  So very sad and wrong.” Thank you Janice. The fight continues……….Please be in prayer! I pray that the Governor would be focused on this: NM ranks 50th in child well-being

Janice,This past legislative session, Democrats missed a huge opportunity to protect reproductive rights in New Mexico.
Our state has outdated laws on the books that make abortion illegal and make performing abortions a felony if Roe v. Wade were to be overturned. Last legislative session, the state House passed a bill to repeal these laws and ensure New Mexicans have safe, legal access to abortion care no matter what happens federally.
But the state Senate struck down these repeals, 24-18, leaving these draconian laws on the books. I’m disheartened, but here’s the truth: Abortion should not be a crime and women shouldn’t have to fear making decisions about their bodies.
Instead, we should invest in women’s health care, expand reproductive education, ensure access to contraception and medically safe abortion procedures – and repeal outmoded laws that punish women and doctors.
This fight isn’t over: I’m determined to come back and fight with everything I’ve got to protect reproductive health care. I’m sketching out a strategy – but first, I need to hear directly from people like you.
I’m asking another 400 people to tell me what they think before midnight tonight: 
Do you think we should fight to protect reproductive rights in New Mexico?










Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this important issue with me.Michelle Lujan Grisham

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