Memorial Day, Remember?


The American Spirit and the American Dream, were they real? If so, where did they go? Some have said they have died off. I do not believe this to be so. I am certain they’re only sleeping in the glow of the varied screens before the American faces; Smart-Phones, iPads, and Lap Tops. It is not enough to speak of how it once was. Simply ranting on Social Media will not “Make America Great Again.” The original American Dream was birthed through the fighting, sacrificing, even unto dying, fueled by the American Spirit on the American men and women who believed in a land “Under GOD.” GOD gave the dream and the spirit to the American people who pursued His cause. Many wonderful, heroic people gave their all in many conflicts throughout the world, even at home, so that we could be free “Under GOD.” Those two words are our Dream and Spirit. We must regain those words and His favor and power. Let’s put the hot dogs and beer (and all other forms of celebration) aside this Memorial Day Weekend, and in honor of all who gave their lives for us, let’s Pray On!

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