Jesus Gives us Great Insight on How to Care for Our Mothers


This morning I want to begin a two part series of messages on Mothers.
Welcome to the House of Hope Radio Ministry program……
Please tun your Bibles to John 19:25-27….

There are many places in the Bible where we could look and find guidance about how to love our Mothers. But, in this one small section of scripture, Jesus gives us great insight into the way our earthly Mothers are to be regarded and cared for.

I have included a picture of my Dad and Mom. The picture of Mom is from her high school graduation in Windom, Minnesota and the picture of Dad is from his day in the U.S. marines in WW II. Dad loved Mom, Dad and Mom were partners in everything. We had such a wonderful stable home life, this is one reason i PREACH! I want every child to have a home life like I did.

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