So much is going on…….in these times we must be in tuned with God more than ever. When we get busy or suffer from anxiety we do not hear the Holy Spirit clearly.

I am hearing from so many that are suffering from anxiety, it is an epidemic in America.

My plate is full, as I am sure yours is also, so this morning I have been seeking the Holy Spirit very earnestly.

I am very sadden by the times we live in, I am an old news reporter turned Pastor. The news is very distressing these days, I am trying to keep my sanity. That is why I stick to God so close, seeking His ways, not mans. I see that the train is off the tracks, and everybody is yelling on how to get it back on the tracks! Everybody has an opinion on how to do that. There is a lot of name calling, dirty words, accusations coming from all sides.  The train is America, it is way off the tracks as to where our Founding Fathers established it on July 4th, 1776.

My Dear Friend Pastor Steve Williams posted this on his Facebook…..

I’ve been processing a thought this week. We know what the political left says and what the political right says, we even know what the media says!
Does anyone know what the Holy Spirit is saying? I think what He says is much more important than what the others have to say!

Wisdom from Pastor Steve!

It is a very sobering time in America and in the Church. New research shows that Church attendance in America is dropping, Churches are closing, so what should we expect?

In his new book, John Bevere, writes in “UNDERCOVER”, Lawlessness is so rampant today in America. We are warned, “For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work” 2 Thess 2:7 NIV. The New King King James version refers to it as the “mystery of lawlessness.”

The mystery is hidden in its secret power. With believers, lawlessness would not be effective if blatant, only if subtle and deceptive. That is the mystery. God does not want us ignorant of this mystery or secret power, He warns us, 2 Cor. 2:11.

Satan is the master of deception. Think of it: he led a third of the angels in an uprising against God, Rev. 12:3-4. That took place in a perfect environment, in the very presence of our glorious Lord! Jesus warned that Satan was not only a deceiver but the very father of it, John 8:44. Jesus also warned us that Satan’s delusions and deceptions would be so strong in the latter days that if it were possible even the elect would fall prey to them, Matt. 24:24.

I am getting a lot out of  Jon Bevere’s new book, very timely. I am feeling very old in this world with my beliefs, my faith in God, in following His ways and Words and tuning into the Holy Spirit constantly through the day for direction.

Far to many are running off and spouting off nonsense, because they are off of God’s train, that is what is called lawlessness.

I close with this from Charles Stanley, in this world of impatience, this world that wants everything NOW, WAIT….God promises that He acts on our behalf when we wait for Him. Is. 64:4. If we run ahead of Him and try to fix things on our own or manipulate circumstances, we will most certainly be disappointed. However, if we wait on the Lord, then our sovereign, divine, omnipotent God will act on our behalf. It’s our choice.

Far to many have made the wrong choice, they go forth without God.

So many are trying to fix things on their own without God, so many are manipulating the people of America.

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