Sadly, I am not surprised by this report, As the Church goes the Country goes. I find right here in New Mexico, so many have no Church. It is sad commentary on our Country. The Church in America is losing its salt and light.

(RNS) — Most Americans still say they believe in God, but their involvement in organized religion continues to wane.

A new Gallup report found that only half of Americans say they belong to a church or other religious body, down from 69% two decades earlier.

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There area also so many Church “shoppers” out there. People that go from one Church to another. I talked with a Pastor here in New Mexico and he said that he had a revolving door, people in and out of the Church. I also have witnessed that.

So many want to hear what the want to hear, not what God says. They want a Bible that fits their life style.

Another Pastor told me that the problem with the American Church is that so many Pastors do not preach sound doctrine.

A veteran Pastor here in New Mexico told me that the Church has failed to baptize people and raise up mature Christians. There are many Churches that hardly have any baptisims anymore.

A lovely lady from Northern New Mexico told me she cannot find a Church that preaches Sound Doctrine.

There are many problems the Church faces and there are many opinions out there.

This situation calls for accountability from all, Pastors, Churches, and all people.


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