Governor Lujan Grisham, You were so nice to me when I served on ther Board of the Arc of NM many years ago. But we do differ in our beliefs, I am sorry.

I beleive that more and more New Mexicans are waking up to the fact that Governor Lujan Grisham loves to push ungodly legislation, like HB-51 the radical abortion bill that was defeated because six democrats voted against in the Senate. I am sure those six democrats caught the dickens from the Governor. The Governor will push this bill again next year. Lujan Grisham also spent money like there is no tomorrow. No fiscal responsibility.

Governor Lujan Grisham would not accept a pink cowboy hat that the Cowboys for Trump wanted to give her when they appeared at the Capital. They had it specially made for her.  It was offered as an olive branch.

And what about those Tv ad’s of her crashing through walls?

So with just a 41 percent approval rating maybe folks are catching on that the state is headed in the wrong direction. So many are frustrated.

ABQ Journal Story

More from today:

When you drive from Las Cruces to Alamogordo on U.S. Route 70, you have to pull into a federal inspection station, but Border Patrol checkpoints are all closed.

Couy Griffin, chairman of the Otero County New Mexico Board of Commissioners and founder of Cowboys for Trump, declared a state of emergency over this situation. NPR Story

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan has refused to help.

I posted this after Resurrection Sunday:

Couy Griffin, the founder of Cowboys for Trump, shared with us today at FBC in Reserve! Couy is from Reserve attended FBC he became a Pastor at the Church. Couy’s Grandpa and Grandma played a huge role in the building of the Church and his Dad Glynn is a leader in the Church to this day. Couy shared his testimony with us on how God has guided his life and using him in ways he never thought possible. I love this man of God! — with Couy Griffin.

Cowboys For Trump

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