We have another blessing from our Dear Friend Lynn Stoneking this morning! PTL!!! God Bless you and yours Lynn!
Lynn Stoneking

Is it okay to write from tears this blessed morning?
Cause that’s all I got right now….

Not for attention’s sake, but maybe more from a viewpoint of Understanding.

After a week of taking care of sick and coughing family members – a toddler who coughed in my face for the past 9 days and a husband who needed things done but couldn’t, so I did – I now have no voice and a bad cough. ????

I missed celebrating Palm Sunday with my Community.
Now, I am missing celebrating my Risen Savior with my family + Community.
I’m sure very few of you may read this – as most are off on their way to Sunrise Services or Breakfast at church or Brunch somewhere….

But I guess I just need to exhale for a moment here, so reads are not important.

Maybe God is using this opportunity to help me relate better with those who‘s Normal is to be ‘shut-in’.

Those who’s physical abilities are limited, sickness plaques their body, their memory is no more….

Maybe being away from my Community will remind me to pray for those who struggle with social interaction, those who wonder if they are really forgiven so they don’t even go to church, maybe the ones who have had a ‘bad experience’ within the church and therefore do not Trust anymore.

This has been a busy Ministry and traveling season for our family – Jan-April. My idea of a climactic ending is Not to be sick and miss Easter!

But – in the midst of what I cannot change – I will embrace the moment of quiet and rest.

The warm Sunshine, Carmel rolls gifted from my friend Pamela Sue, my best pup, and the whistling birds.

Wherever you are at this day, friends, may we worship Our Risen Savior ????from that place.

HE’s ALIVE! Go and Tell!

*Bonus: My Evelyn’s Easter Book.
Oh how I love her ❤️.

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