This Sunday, Pastor Dewey Moede will be ministering at Clayton A/G – Church for the REST of Us! (Clayton Assembly of God) in the 10:30 AM Morning Worship Service. Pastor Dewey’s message is from Romans 8:12-30, “Obligated to God.” We are excited to have a friend and fellow minister join us to bring the Word and share not only in spiritual feeding, but there will be a great potluck dinner after service (bring your favorite dish and join us!).
Clayton A/G is a small, but vibrant church where “family” is a key word. We look out for one another and do our best to show genuine love and concern for each other. We call ourselves Church for the REST of Us! for two key reasons: 1) we want you to find REST for your entire being when you come here. We don’t water down the Gospel, but do believe that we find true rest when we strive to live in obedience to the Word of God. 2) we are here for the REST of you that think you don’t fit in to the “church culture”. One running joke we have is that ours is a very strict dress code – you have to be. Meaning? We ask that you dress respectfully and with modesty, but we’re not a “suit and tie” and “dressy dress” kind of people. In fact, Pastor Randall Floyd is about the only one that wears “suit and tie”, and that’s only once in awhile during the colder part of the year. We’re here to be the family of God, not to put on a show for church-goers.
Although a smaller congregation in a small rural town, we do a lot of outreach in the area. We fly “kite-strings” into six school districts in our region (covering over 3,000 square miles of territory), taking school supplies and snacks/gifts for staff every 4 to 6 weeks, just to let these people know we love and appreciate them. Our goal? To build bridges into these communities and share the love of Christ through our actions AND words.
We also live stream our Sunday morning services and Wednesday night Bible Study on Pastor Randall Floyd’s Facebook page. Also, check us out at Clayton Assembly of God . If you’re in the Clayton area, join us – especially this week as Pastor Dewey Moede visits to share the Word of God!

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