BREAKING: HB-51 is listed #59 on the Senate floor schedule, could be heard at anytime. UPDATE: the Legislature is open, roads are clear up to La Bajada. Pro-Life Rally is still open to those who wish to attend. Roads are snowy in parts of SF. Be safe!…


Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico
I asked Vince what was the status of HB-51, he replied: We are not entirely sure at this point, but it could be voted on in the Senate today. We need folks to continue to call the Senate Democrats and Republican Senators Rue and Payne. If it passes the Senate, it has to go back to the House for concurrence,  because it was amended in Senate Judiciary to restore the conscience clause. We have some concerns about the amendment and are not sure the conscience clause would be enforceable without the other section of law they are repealing

We waited until after 7pm last night and thank God HB 51 did not rear its ugly head.
Today is a new day and we wiill continue with the Pro-life rally as scheduled from 12 noon to 2 PM and presentation of over 20,000 signatures to the Governor. It is snowing in Santa Fe so please use caution when coming up. God bless and see you there.

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