New Mexico Must Be Thirsty For Booze!



This story shakes me to my core…….as New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham considers signing a bill that would allow home delivery of booze to homes…..this happens…a New Mexico school bus driver drove drunk! BOOZE, DRUNK DRIVERS are a problem in this state! They kill innocent people! ABQ Journal Report

My Dad, Wally Moede was the Transportation Director of the Windom, Minnesota School District for many years….Dad passed away in 1993…..He would hardly beleive this story!!!

Lord, why is New Mexico so thirsty for booze? Home delivery??? Come Jesus!!!!


Is this how thirsty New Mexicans are for booze? We have a problem with alcohol in this state and nation! It is bad for your temple and drunks kill innocent people. Breweries are popping up all over Albuquerque and Stanta Fe. New Mexicans love their booze! Now there is this: A bill that would allow beer and wine to be delivered with food orders to homes and hotel rooms is awaiting final approval from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham ABQ Journal Report

It seems the Dems are so eager to bury New Mexico with unGodly legislation. (I always will capitalize God) They are blinded to the ways of God. They want to kill God’s babies, legalize pot, so we have pot head drivers, now they may get their alcohol delivered to their house!!!??? Assisted suicide next year? The party of death.

How come I never hear pastors speaking out about the use of booze? Alcoholism is a huge problem in our state and nation. It causes so many health problems, leading to death for many, drunk drivers kill innocent people.

Where is the Church on casinos? gambling? For years I have watched America crumble little by little…..because of the silence of the Church. As the Church goes, the Country goes……

You see gambling leads to all sorts of problems.

Here is a post by Dr. Guy Clark from December of 2017:

About a week ago Thom Cole wrote a good article in the Santa Fe New Mexican about the failure of the state to take gambling addiction seriously.  I thought it would be useful to reveal more details about the state’s failure, so I wrote this op-ed for the Albuquerque Journal that appeared today.  It’s not just that the state fails to do a good job of attacking this enormous health problem (state studies since 1997 have indicated that there are between 35,000 to 45,000 problem gamblers in the state), the health department does not even recognize the problem.  I hope you will read this article and encourage your state legislators to hold legislative hearings next month to remedy this problem.

To contact your legislator open the “Find Your Legislator by Address” page by clicking here.  On the “Political Body” field you can scroll down to pick the house or the senate, then add your address in the following field.  That will bring up a field with your legislator’s picture and name.   You can then click on his/her name and it will take you to their legislative page where you can find their contact information.

The most effective contacts are by phone, so you could call your legislator at their home, since they won’t be at their Santa Fe office until mid-January.  An email would also probably get to them.  You could say something like, “I read the article about problem gambling in the Albuquerque Journal (or the SF New Mexican), and think that it is disgraceful that the state does nothing to help problem gamblers.  Would you please do what you can to get legislation moving to get the health department to create an office that deals with gambling addiction?”

Stop Predatory Gambling New Mexico will be at the legislature and will use what influence we have to get legislation moving to get the state engaged in helping our citizens.

Thank you for your help,

Dr. Guy C. Clark, chairman

Stop Predatory Gambling New Mexico


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