This morning we are so blessed to bring you another AWESOME post from Lynn Stoneking! TEAM JESUS!
Lynn Stoneking

One of my recent favorite quotes hangs on a plaque in my home. Really – it was just a Thrift Store find, but I knew it was for me.

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of Wisdom.” – Thomas Jefferson.

Recently, my husband was trying to sell a trailer, as he purchased a new one. I listed his old one on Social Media for him. Soon I was fielding messages in regard to more details about the trailer and price. While I attempted to divert the interested parties to call my husband, I found myself going into further detail about the trailer than what was maybe necessary. One interested person messaged back and said, “I don’t think I want a trailer that has been all over the country already. Thanks anyway.”

No longer interested.

I kind of kicked myself for making that statement in my message. Why did I need to even add that in there? Was it really an important detail for a potential buyer? I was replaying through my mind what I probably should have left out of the description. After all – I didn’t even want to be in the conversation!

And then God reminded me that the starting of Wisdom is Honesty. If I were a purchaser – would I want to know the full extent of the purchase I was making?


So why wouldn’t this person? Maybe honesty had been the ‘honest’ policy.

King Solomon says in Proverbs 10:23 that a ‘person with understanding enjoys doing what is wise’. I understand that I want to know about a product I am paying for and going to use. I want to get good use out of that product. I want the seller to be honest in telling me the history of the product.

I should also be honest in sharing what I know to be truth about my belongings (and in this case – not only a lot of miles, but also well taken care of).

I don’t believe that I was faulted for telling the truth.

I still believed that God would bring the right purchaser for that trailer, and He did – today!

In fact, the person drove 3 hours to come get it.
And yes – Thomas had told him that it had a lot of miles under it.
That didn’t bother this gentleman.
He was the one it was for.

Today, may we speak Wisdom with honesty and understanding.

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