Pastor Randall’s Sermon That He Refers to

This week on The World We Live In, my guest is my Dear, Dear Friend Pastor Randall Floyd of the Clayton, New Mexico Assembly of God. Here in New Mexico we are facing legislation on abortion up-to-birth, assisted suicide, legalization of marijuana and other bills that are very concerning to Christians. Pastor Randall speaks to this in my interview with him.

Pastor Randall Floyd: “A Spiritual Revival is what America and New Mexico needs! Not a Political Revival, for without the Spiritual Revival, A Political one with never happen!!!!”

Pastor Randall has a correction for us: I stated that Cindy had to drive 2 miles one way to go to school and I should have said 2 hours, 125 miles.

I am blessed to be invited to preach at the Clayton Assembly of God on March 17th.

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