This morning I was blessed to take part in a New Mexico Pastors phone conference with many other Pastors. Vincent Torres of Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico and GOP Chairman Steve Pearce made an excellent presentation on the urgent need for Christians to make sure and voice their displeasure about HB51, the abortion up-to-birth bill that is in the Senate right now! Please also make sure you also tell your Senator to vote no on HB90, the assisted suicide bill.

I just called the Governors office and they took my call and my opinion of the two Bills. However I called back to make another comment and it went into voice mail. Here is the phone number: (505) 476-2200


TITLE COUNTY PHONE EMAIL Senator Pete Campos Col,Guad,Hard,Mora,Quay, SM&Taos 505-986-4311 Senator Joseph Cervantes Doña Ana 505-986-4861 Senator Carlos R. Cisneros L. A., R. A. Santa Fe & Taos 505-986-4362 Senator Richard C. Martinez L. A., R.A. , Sand. & Santa Fe 505-986-4487 Senator George K. Munoz Cibola, McKinley & San Juan 505-986-4371 Senator Mary Kay Papen Doña Ana 505-986-4733 Senator Gabriel Ramos Catron, Grant & Socorro 505-986-4863 Senator Clemente Sanchez Cibola,Socorro, McKinley & Val. 505-986-4513 Senator Benny Shendo Bern, McK, R.A., San Juan & Sand 505-986-4310 Senator John Arthur Smith Dona Ana, Hidalgo, Luna & Sierra 505-986-4365


1. Please call these Senators and tell them “I urge you to vote NO on HB51 and HB90.”

*Remember – be respectful. You may be asked for your name and zip code. HB51 is the radical abortion bill; HB90 is the assisted suicide bill 2. Please email these Senators with the same message.

*Remember – be respectful. Please include your name and city.

Here is a report on the New Mexico Legislature at the halfway point: ABQ Journal Report

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