A Brief Note of Encouragement

Hi Dewey,
Just a brief note of encouragement: I’m reading a biography of George Muller, a 19th century Englishman who  changed London by relying completely on God and His provision
What impresses me about Mr. Muller is that he relied entirely upon the Lord for all of his needs; never asking for money but relied entirely on God to provide his needs. Muller established three orphanages but never told anyone about his work nor did he tell anyone about the orphanages. He completely sought God to provide food and shelter for the orphans without asking for a penny. God supplied and surpassed all of Muller’s petitions as Muller, through Bible study and prayer, sought God’s will in the smallest detail
The reason I’m telling you this is to encourage you to keep seeking His will in your post as itinerant pastor and as pastor of FGGAM. I’ve long been impressed with your faithfulness in God, never making a move without first seeking God, just as Muller did nearly 200 years ago.
May God bless you, Sharon, the board of directors and your writers while you faithfully seek to nourish your flocks and readers.
Jim Hofflander of Mankato, Minnesota
The picture above is of Jim.

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