Who Are You Trying to Please?


Welcome to this weeks edition of ‘House of Hope’ Radio! Thank you for spending the next 5 minutes with us!

Pleasing God or Pleasing Man?

So many spend a great deal of their life trying to please man. For a long period of my life I tried to please man until I grew closer to our Lord and realized that was not the right way.

Acts 5:29 tells us…”We must obey God as Ruler Rather Than Men.”
It is my prayer that the next 5 minutes will be a time of encouragement but also a time to challenge each one of us to walk more faithfully with our Lord Jesus Christ.

This message is based on a post by Pastor Leonard Navarre on April 3rd of 2013.

Please share this message with your family and friends, it would be such a blessing to us. We love you!!


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