New Mexico Legislature: Abortion Up to Birth Bill Hearing Friday

Dear Dewey,
BREAKING: NM Alliance for LIfe has confirmed Friday, February 1st at 1:30pm, Room 309, the House Judiciary Committee will vote whether or not HB-51 moves one step closer to becoming law. We encourage all pro-life supporters to attend this hearing and prepare to testify using 1-3 points from our fact sheet HERE.
We cannot afford to be outnumbered, or else this extremist measure will legalize abortion UP TO THE VERY DATE OF BIRTH and force doctors, nurses and hospitals to perform or refer abortions up to birth. We strongly encourage individuals from all walks of life including the medical community to show up and testify, as well as lobby your state representatives and state senators while at the capitol. Encourage everyone you know to oppose HB 51– before it’s too late.
Will you be there to stand up for Life, and show the Committee that MAJORITY of New Mexicans like you are opposed to abortion?
ALERT: New Mexico Alliance for Life poll shows WE ARE THE MAJORITY! IN FACT, 70% OF NEW MEXICANS oppose abortion after the 5th month of pregnancy. YOUR NM LEGISLATORS NEED TO HEAR THIS FROM YOU.
If you are one of the 70%, it is time for you to stand up to the radical pro-abortion extremists, bent on making our state the most extreme pro-abortion state in the country.
To make the most out of the time allotted to your testimony (2 minutes), remember these tips:
  • STAY ON MESSAGE: use 1-3 points from the fact sheet. Remember, it takes 9-11 repeated messages before an indivdual registers that message. Let’s work together to deliver a poweful message, our goal is to be repetitive.
  • Try to stay on topic, and refrain from using polarizing words like “murderers” since the pro-abortion movement wants us to sound extreme.
  • Tell a story about how you and your family have or will be affected by abortion.
  • Be respectful to the chairperson (Rep. Gail Chasey). Refer to her as “Madam Chairwoman.”
  • Speak from the heart, and be earnest in your words.
  • We also ask you refrain from sharing your religious viewpoints, since the facts of the issue speak for themselves and appeal to a broader audience.
If you absolutely cannot make it to the hearing, please reach out to your legislator to urge them to oppose HB-51, as well as reach out to the members of the committee.
I hope to see you there!
Help us FIGHT BACK! You can also donate to New Mexico Alliance for Life here, by making a secure online donation. Your support helps us continue to travel to Santa Fe and expose the extreme abortion lobby in our state. Your help is needed now more than ever. You may also mail your donation to 1208 San Pedro Dr NE, #122 Albuquerque, NM 87110. New Mexico Alliance for Life is a 501c4 non-profit organization, donations are not tax deductible. Thank you for your support!
Your Friend in LIFE,
Elisa Martinez
Founder and Executive Director
New Mexico Alliance for Life
The New Mexico Alliance for Life is a nonpartisan organization focused on changing state and local laws by empowering women with better and informed choices when facing unplanned or difficult pregnancies and advocating for better protections for women and unborn children from an unsafe abortion industry. For more information visit
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