Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2019

There is only one race and that is the Human Race.


January 15, 1929, God blessed Martin and Alberta King with a baby boy they originally name him Michael until 1934 when his father was inspired by the Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther. That’s when he changed his sons name to Martin Luther. God had a call on Martins life and one of those was to stand up for civil rights and help break the chains of segregation. He had a dream that his four children would one day live in a nation where they would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I believe that in many states in our great country the majority of the citizens are walking in that dream and getting along with one another no matter what color they are. Now if you watch the news too much you may get a different view, until a natural disasters happens and then you see the true America where people of all colors get along and work together to help each other out. Of course seeing people get along is not really good for news channels these days so you will not see that much, until you are out among the citizens of this great country.

One of the greatest tricks that satan ever pulled was to convince the world that there are more than one race! There is only one race and that is the Human Race. But as satan works hard to try and destroy us he will do whatever it takes, which brings me to the point that satan is great at math especially division. His goal is to divide us as a nation and we must be aware and stay focused on unity. One of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s famous quotes is: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that, Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”. He approached hate with the Love of Jesus Christ. Was he perfect of course not but he did stand in the gap to help bring people together and I thank God for him and all those who worked with him and still work in remembrance of him to bring the nation closer together regardless of color. God Bless you all and remember Only Love can drive out hate.

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Stephen, an Air Force veteran, and an Ordained Minister through Destiny Churches & Ministries International. He runs an online Ministry called Relevance For Today where he records Relevance For Today Podcast Show & Co-Hosts with his lovely wife Barb a podcast show called Outlook For A Brighter Day. Relevance For Today is A place for you to be Encouraged, Inspired, and fed through the Word of God with Writings, Podcast Shows, and More. He wrote his first published book in 2010 and followed with a study guide for his book in 2011 titled "Acts the Next Generation". In 2011 he graduated from the Apostolic Training Ministry School in Northern Maine. His goal will always be to continue to show the world, Christ, through his walk each day. Stephen and Barbara Lewis have been married since 1991 and have a heart for the Lord and love blessing others physically and spiritually. They live in Maine and have two wonderful children Samantha and Steven, A wonderful Son In Law Anthony as well as 2 Grandchildren both named Xavier whom they Love dearly.

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