Leader Or Follower, We Get To Choose… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Leader Or Follower, We Get To Choose…

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. As we finish this month out, let’s finish it well. Let’s allow Jesus by the power of His Holy Spirit to lead us. I have heard people say recently, I am going to do this, I am going to follow this pattern. They never asked Jesus how He would like it done or if He wanted anything different. It sort of makes me sad.

It brought back to memory a time when I was holding a Christmas Tea for a community outreach. The day before I went over everything and checked it twice. I laid it all out on my dining room table and began to pray. Jesus, is there anything else you want done? Jesus, did I forget anything? Jesus, do you want anything changed? All I heard was toothpicks. I had forgotten the toothpicks for the fruit.

Another time I was at a meeting and I asked the Holy Spirit if He wanted me to say anything or do anything. He said to take a birthday cake to an elderly lady in the next town. That seemed odd, but after the meeting I left to purchase a Birthday cake and went to the woman’s apartment. I must admit, I was sweating it a bit. She opened the door and I gave her the Birthday cake. A big smile came on her face as it was her birthday. Her daughter wasn’t going to be able to spend time with her that day due to illness, so God sent me. He wanted her to have a birthday cake.

Over the years I have developed a relationship tender to the Holy Spirt. I try hard to listen and obey. I have made mistakes, I have gotten it wrong. One thing I know for sure God is not mad at us for learning to listen and obey Him. He is the proud Father, always spurring us on. Let’s Pray:

Father, thank you for the Holy Spirit our leader and guide. Where you lead us we will follow. Speak to our hearts today and we will be obedient to what you say. When we haven’t gotten it quite right, you still say that’s my child in which I am well pleased.

Father, thank you for God assignments today. May the world be a better place because we obeyed the voice of our Father through the power of His Holy Spirit. Amen

Have a blessed day God’s beautiful people. Listen and obey, follow your assignment today.

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