I Am So Grateful For The Work and Lives Touched and Changed Through FGGAM Ministries

So very grateful for this note of love yesterday from Jan Wassenaar in Windom, Minnesota. I got to spend a good amount of time with Jan back in 2016 at the first Windom Revival, moments that I sure do treasure! I have seen him at every Revival! This picture of Jan was taken during my visit with him in 2016. He is such a Godly man, such a historian!
I am so grateful for the work and lives touched and changed through FGGAM Ministries.
I enjoy listening to Pastor Dewey’s sermon on the radio every Sunday morning.
He went to school with my son, Rudy, and took time out of his busy schedule to visit me while he was in Windom leading a revival.
That meant so much to me.
Thank you for all that you do to further the gospel!
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Here is a testimonial from Jim Hofflander who attended House of Hope in Windom, Minnesota in August of 2018. Jim is pictured here with Nita Killebrew one of the speakers at House of Hope.
Please accept my most profound thanks to you and all of the musicians and speakers who gathered together to touch my heart. and to have made the House of Hope more than live up to its name. I was and remain very blessed and I have been richly blessed.
Thanks to Shari Johnson and Tracy for their music and messages through their  music. Thanks also to Rick Frederickson for his encouraging message of what can happen when we put our trust in God’s hands and His will. Thanks also to Nita Killebrew for having taken her valuable time to talk with me before Saturday night’s Revival began. (Thanks also for the photo Nita, which is above). During her testimony she recounted the time when she, Harmon and his nurse attended a game of baseball with children with special needs. Harmon was determined to, despite the pain wracking his body, watch the game “…until every kid crossed the plate,”
We are grateful for the unselfish nature in which all of the guests and musicians who came from a long ways away to Windom without expecting to be paid, freely giving of the time and talents Shari, Tracy and Nita traveled long distances, freely giving of their time and talents to make House of Hope live up to its name.
I am especially grateful to you and Rick for praying over me. I left the Reivival with something that I didn’t have much of for a long time: That was hope.
Your brother in Christ
Jim Hofflander
Mankato, Minnesota, Windom Class of 1974
God Bless you Jim, we continue to pray for you!
This year we have received so many wonderful notes of appreciation from people! PTL!
You all speak Proverbs 16:24 over us!
We love you all!

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