What it Means That The Surgeon General Now Calls Vaping an ‘Epidemic’


Pray for America, so many are addicted to bad things…….

What it means that the Surgeon General now calls vaping an ‘epidemic’
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‘Our nation’s doctor sees this as a problem.’ Read the full story


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Drunk Driving has been a problem in New Mexico for years……now their is a movement to legalize marijuana in the state! All we need in this state is pot heads driving! The Democrats want the cash. Pray for New Mexico that such extreme dysfunction ends!

SafeWise has released a new report identifying New Mexico as the state with the fourth highest rate of impaired driving fatalities in the U.S. Our analysis used the most recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to rank the states with the highest and lowest rates of impaired driving deaths in the nation. 

Given your state’s ranking in the report, SafeWise will be offering free Lyft rides to NM residents on New Year’s Eve. This is a part of our SafeWise for Safe Rides Home initiative, which aims to provide safe, sober rides in high-risk states over major holiday weekends.

You can sign up for a free Lyft ride here: https://www.safewise.com/blog/safewise-for-safe-rides-home/

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