Gary Roe: Grieving, 9 Things I Learned (Again) in 2018


9 Things I Learned Again in 2018

This article was sent to us by our Dear, Dear friend Kathy Merlock. Her hubby Norm was a great man of God. Kathy, like many others is going through the grieving process, it is like a roller coaster. Norm taught me much, he helped make me a better man of God. I was so very honored when Kathy asked me to preside at Norm’s Memorial Service. I took grieving classes after my Mom, Ruth passed away in January of 1995. My Dad, Wally had passed on to heaven in April of 1993, Easter morning. So very close together, both passed away at age 64. Our Dear, Dear friend Pam Singleton of Reserve, New Mexico is grieving the loss of her hubby James.

I have learned much in 2018, the Lord had me preside over many funerals this year, the most  in my 9 years as a preacher. My heart is softer. My love is greater. I love my Sharon more than ever, as I do the kids and grand babies.

I still grieve the loss of my Mom and Dad even thou it has been years and years! It is less every year, but the wonderful thing is, that love, that true deep, deep love never goes away and all the wonderful memories stay with us. Sharon and I are grieving as we go into 2019. The Pastor who married me and Sharon, Barry Dickens passed away on Christmas morning of Alzheimer’s. Barry was just 62. He helped raise me up as a Pastor. Such a dear man of God. Barry, like Norm, poured Godly wisdom over me! Barry’s wife Susan and Sharon worked together at the Los Alamos, New Mexico Hospital.

This article on grieving by Gary Roe will be a blessing to you! 9 Things I Learned Again in 2018

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