Does Christmas Make Any Difference in Your Life?


Please read Luke 2:8-20 before you listen, please…..

Also reference Matthew 2:13-15 and Matthew 2:19-23

Does Christmas Make a Difference in Your Life? I got asked that question in this way, “Pastor Dewey, Does Christmas make any difference?” WOW! I had to take a step back on that one! It kind of made me sad..but after I thought about it…it made an impact on me, thus this sermon for Christmas 2018! Does Christ Make a Difference in Your Life?

The sad fact is that many people do behave differently during the Christmas season than they do during the rest of the year! Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if we actually started to practice the things that we hear and sing about at Christmas time?

How much difference does Christmas make in your life? In our home? In the lives of your children?

Please listen to me Christmas 2018 message and share it with all! You will bless us! Merry Christmas and Happy New year, we love you and yours!

Much thanks goes to my mentor Pastor Robert Lewis who has helped me become a better Preacher! Pastor Robert has been a great teacher, he has had a great impact on my life. We love you Robert! I met Robert years ago while I was manager of KIIM Christian Radio and he and his brother Tom would come to the station and raise funds for children in places like Haiti. Robert and Tom represent Cross International.

I also want to thank Pastor Barry Dickens for helping ‘jump start’ me in my calling from our Lord to become a Pastor! Pastor Barry was the Pastor of the Methodist Church in Los Alamos, NM when Sharon and I lived there.  We love you and Susan, Barry!

I also want to thank Charles McCargish,  Head Deacon at the Fist Baptist Church in Reserve, NM. this 83 year-old-man of God gave me the opportunity to preach at FBC in Reserve 6 years ago this month. I have learned so much about being a Pastor from my years in Reserve.

Pastor Robert and Barry, and Deacon Charles are three of the many men and women who have helped raise me up as a Pastor, I have so ever grateful!

I live to preach JESUS! Amen!


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