CenturyLink Outage Should Be a ‘Wake Up’ Alarm for America, 1852 Fire Box Saves The Day in Boston!


It is best to remember that God is not a God of Chaos.

I would call this outage by CenturyLink a ‘Wake Up’ alarm for America. Many could not use 911! Why is CenturyLink being so secretive as to the cause? Do they not know the cause? Then why not say so! Its interesting that we have not heard from the D.C. politicians on this! The FCC says it is going to start a probe of the failure. In Boston a 1852 Fire Box was used to alert the Fire Department of a fire because 911 was not working! That is a huge statement on how we so much rely on all this modern day technology that failed us this week BIG TIME!, where as an 1852 Fire Box saved the day in Boston!

NBC REPORT Also 1852 Fire Box Used in Boston for Alarm

What happens in this Country if terrorists hit our power grid?

I talked to a CenturyLink repairman and he said here in Albuquerque the infrastructure in our area on the west side is in sad shape.

Our Verizon cell phones also suffered an outage here in New Mexico during the time of the CenturyLink outage.

I could write another whole post on the failing of Americas infrastructure…..D.C. talks about this and does nothing. Americas roads, bridges, etc are falling apart. Our Federal budget is at a record high and increasing, but nobody is paying attention because the country is all tied up in knots. Nobody is being a good steward.

This is not a Republican or Democrat issue, it is an issue of harden hearts for Jesus. Hearts need to be given over to Jesus. America is all about politics.

So many Americans are taking a blind eye to our failures as a country because all they see is politics…….

Federal Workers Feel The Pain America is being held hostage by harden hearts.

Politics or Jesus?

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26

Where are the hearts for Jesus and His people?

These folks in D.C. are setting such a bad example for our children. My prayer is that these folks will act like mature Christians.

This is not a Republican or Democrat issue, this is an issue of the heart. Having the heart of Jesus. It is not to be, “My way or the highway” America has a heart issue. Politics and ego’s have overtaken America. America is being held hostage by harden hearts.

It seems the folks in D.C. are digging in deep in their selfishness.

This is a very sad situation in America..many are hurting..does Washington D.C. care? It seems the hearts in D.C. have harden to the truth of Jesus. Below is an update on how the shutdown is affecting folks in Minnesota.

I  got a note yesterday from a friend of FGGAM that is a Federal employee. Please pray with me that the Government shutdown ends today! It is really putting the hurt on so many families. House payments/rent is a great concern for many. Families are being hurt.

The weather forecasters that are providing vital information during all the storms going in  our country are not being paid. Many are working around the clock at this time. There is such a huge disconnect with the Federal employees and those holding office in Washington D.C.

Thank you for praying with us.

State begins to see impact of federal agency shutdown

Home buyers in flood areas and those relying on FHA help can’t close on their loans. Residents can’t consult the IRS on end-of-the-year tax questions. Small businesses can’t get federal loans, and the Ag department won’t be open to help farmers.

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