National Leadership Summit of the National Day of Prayer was a Huge Success


I so much love Dr. Ronnie Floyd of National Day of Prayer! What an AWESOME report he has for us!!!! PTL!!! The picture I used was from National Day of Prayer a few years ago at Old Town in Albuquerque! I pray sometime I can attend the conference! I love the 2019 these! LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!!!! PTLL!!! AMEN!!!!

The National Leadership Summit of the National Day of Prayer held last week on October 29-30 was a huge success:

  • Registration & attendance was outstanding in comparison to recent years
  • Worship was powerful
  • Teaching, preaching, and equipping was strong
  • Vision was clear and compelling
  • 2019 theme was released
  • Response of the audience was over the top
  • People left knowing where we are going and what we will be communicating. They left equipped, inspired, and motivated to the future.

The 2018 National Leadership Summit was an overwhelming success. May God alone be praised.

Let those who attended the Summit tell you their personal response!

Listen to these encouraging testimonies from participants of the Summit:

“As a public school teacher in the interior of Alaska, I was especially touched by the morning sessions on Tuesday. It is my sincere prayer that the afterglow that I bring with me will ripple out across my state and touch each NDP coordinator who so generously volunteers their time, effort, and heart for unified public prayer in this great land.”
-Andie Rice, Alaska National Day of Prayer State Coordinator

“The Summit was amazing! Thank you for everything.”
-Curtis and Sylvia Johnson, California National Day of Prayer State Coordinators

“But I have to say, when you announced the 2019 theme, Love One Another, the crowd roared, clapped and gave a standing ovation! It was riveting!”
-Pat Chen, Board of Directors, National Day of Prayer, Maryland

“The National Day of Prayer leadership summit was a tremendous encouragement to seek the Lord more, coupled with more fasting to receive greater understanding of God’s purpose and agenda in all seasons of life.”
-Rex Tonkins, Colorado State Coordinator

“Gathering with NDP leaders from across the nation releases powerful encouragement and equipping for our prayer assignments, refreshing us like a wonderful family reunion.”
-Rick and Sarah Lowe, South Central National Area Leaders

“BLESSED and HONORED to be part of such an awesome, inspiring, challenging and anointed Leadership Summit in Arkansas, climaxing with the revealing of the 2019 theme, which is straight from the Throne of Heaven. Thank you, Dr. Floyd and National Team. Pray on!”
-David Franklin, Georgia State Coordinator

From Some of Our Speakers:

“As we gathered at the National Day of Prayer Leadership Summit, I sensed the Holy Spirit’s clarion call to unity, experienced Father God’s mighty presence, and was inspired to live out Jesus’ never-ending mission to love one another as never before!”
-Trey Kent, Senior Pastor, Northwest Fellowship, Austin, Texas

“The NDP Leadership Summit was a spiritual event with great worship, passionate prayer, informative sessions, and genuine excitement about this year’s theme -‘Love 1 Another’ I loved it!”
-Kie Bowman, Senior Pastor, Hyde Park Baptist/The Quarries Church, Austin, Texas

“The theme of Love One Another touches the great issue of our divided nation. The church needs a nationwide baptism of love for God, for each other, and for those far from God.”
-Bill Elliff, The Summit Church, North Little Rock, Arkansas

I hope you can tell from these few statements how powerful the Summit really was. God was here. It was special. Share this with friends and let’s plan now to make the 2019 National Day of Prayer grand to the glory of God!

The theme is already impacting unprecedented numbers!

Millions have already been exposed to the 2019 theme, LOVE ONE ANOTHER. According to specialists in the communication field, the 2019 theme for the National Day of Prayer is off to an excellent launch. Let me remind you to advance, forward, plan, and live out this theme. You can download the graphic here to share everywhere. You can watch the presentation of the theme right here. Share it!

Thank you for all you are doing to mobilize unified public prayer for America.

Now is the Time to Lead,

Ronnie W. Floyd
Senior Pastor, Cross Church
President, National Day of Prayer


Dr. Ronnie Floyd is the Senior Pastor of Cross Church, President of the National Day of Prayer, and founder of the Cross Church School of Ministry.

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