I Used to Be a Control Freak

Blessed to be able to share this post with you from our Dear, Precious Friend Vincy Willamowski of WFRN Christian Radio in South Bend/Elkhart, Indiana……
Vincy Willamowski

I used to be a control freak.
I hated pathless places.
I didn’t like not knowing what would happen tomorrow, or even the next hour in my life.
I’ve always trusted God, but if I’m honest, there were many moments where I thought I knew better than He did. There were days where I planned to perfection how everything would turn out…and if it didn’t, the frustration of the fallout would be crushing.
Recently, my life has been set on it’s head…and in nearly every arena, I’m left wondering what the path will look like?
The older I get, the more I’m realizing…if I can embrace the not knowing, and take life, LITERALLY, one day at a time…I’m healthier in facing the situations that don’t yet have answers…the situations that are unexpected.
Being “pathless” doesn’t mean being unmotivated.
It doesn’t mean that you don’t have a vision of what your future might look like.
It means that you can roll with the punches, and face the surprises with a gentle peace.
It means being brave, and finding joy in the moment you’re in.
It means acknowledging when there’s a shift that was unscheduled…but also being calm enough to find the good in it, and embrace a new route.
I’m learning that life can be an adventure, and to enjoy the ride, whether I planned on it or not. #purpose #newpaths #healing #brave

Vincy also posted this……..the picture of her goes with this post……..

My dad’s shirt. After he passed away, I immediately went to his closet. I wanted to find something to hang onto, something that smelled like him, something to hold and remember him by.
Growing up he and I had a distant relationship. I always respected him, but for most of my childhood he wasn’t around.
The older I got, the closer we got, and the short years that we had towards the end, were sweet ones. He left an unbelievable legacy for his family. One of tragedy and triumph, one of beating the odds, and adventure.
I miss him.
His laugh, his Slovakian folk tales. His big hugs. Most of all….I miss his voice, deep and rich, and always encouraging when he came around me.
I love wearing his shirt, and remembering where he came from, which helped to mold me into who I am.
Missing you Dad, and believing you’re keeping heaven busy with all of your wonderful talents. #mydad #heritage #slovakia #memories

Happy Thanksgiving Vincy to you and Tom and the kids! We love you all!

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