Election Results Do Not Change Our Commission


This post is from our Dear Sister in Christ, Mercy Alarid of America Prays……

Today’s election results do not change our commission. If you’re a Christian, you are called to be salt and light, whether your party won or lost tonight. Winning does not give you a pass and losing does not mean you can quit. May the flavor of our love and the brightness of our good works make a difference in our cities and states. Join me in praying for our elected officials and our nation:

“Lord, we know that your throne is high above every authority and principality. We thank you for those who have been elected to lead our courts, agencies, states and legislature. We ask that they may govern righteously and work together to bring as much prosperity and peace as their leadership can give us. Watch over their families as they govern. Lord, do what they cannot do. Bring an end to the hate and division in our nation. Cause us to return to brotherly love and trust in God. Mobilize your Body, the Church, to pray and seek the peace and prosperity of our cities. Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever. Amen.”

Mercy Alarid

Thank you for blessing us Mercy!

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