Good Morning Beautiful People…Are You Wearing The Wrong Glasses?


Good Morning Beautiful People…Are You Wearing The Wrong Glasses?

Good morning beautiful people. I shared the dilemma of not being able to see out of my new glasses. A mistake was made and I was given the wrong prescription. As I brought the message last Sunday at a church I was speaking at, I am sure glad I had a lot of scripture hidden in my heart. I couldn’t read much of my notes, but I showed up for duty. I didn’t know I had the wrong prescription at that point. Thank God I was able to share the Word of God with His power and His anointing. He always comes through. Did I say always?

I drove the 2.5 hours to where I purchased the glasses to tell them I couldn’t see through the lens correctly. I also had my eyes re-examined. In 12 days I will have another pair of glasses. Until then, I am wearing my old set that has a cracked lens.

Another eye glass store we stopped at was going to be more expensive (I thought), so I went with my original plan. A friend that was with me tried on glasses. As I waited for her, I decided to try on more glasses. People were asking us our opinion as they were trying on their frames. We were all engaged in looking at each others glasses. Time was running out as I had plans to attend the Annual Pregnancy Care Center Banquet that evening. We gave the ladies our opinions and left the store. As I looked in my rear view mirror to back out of the driveway, I couldn’t help but yell, I have the wrong glasses on. I hurriedly went back in the store and someone had put my glasses with the cracked lens in with all the other glasses on one of the many shelves. Sometimes you just got to laugh.

We got everyone in the store we could engaged in looking for my glasses. I almost tripped over a chair as I was getting a bit excited about the time. One of the customers we had previously helped found them. Praise God and we were ready for the marathon ahead.

As I backed out of the parking lot, my eye saw an elderly couple and their car was going backwards, slowly. We stopped and waited as they kept going slowly toward an embankment. My friend jumped out to help them. The driver of the car got in with me and  said quite excitedly, I just reached up pulled down my arm like this and asked Jesus for help. She showed me what she had done with her arm, as she was a bit shaken herself. I assured her God had heard her prayer and here we were, cracked glasses and all. Her car had stalled and because it was on a hill, it was rolling backwards. She was unaware the car had stalled. My friend started the car as the elderly man in the passenger seat was quite excited as well, asking her to drive him home. She calmed him down and we got them straightened out and their car and them on their way home. Let’s pray:

Father, thank you for changing our schedules. Give us your eyes Lord to see what’s all around us. Thank you God even for the delays in our daily lives. Father, may many reach their arm up today and ask for help. Just like the woman didn’t realize the car had been stalled, many among us are losing hope. You are their hope. You always, always care and desire the best for your people.

Father, for the person that doesn’t know you, or doesn’t know you as the Good Father, would you draw them by your spirit, we pray.

Father, use us today, cracked glasses and all. Amen

Have a blessed day beautiful people. Look for an opportunity to make life better for someone else.

Psalm 39:7 But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you.


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