Pastor Rick Frederickson: “What a Joy it Was to Preach at House of Hope”


What a blessing it was to hear Pastor Rick Frederickson of the United Methodist Church in Springfield, Minnesota preach the love of Jesus at House of Hope in Windom this past Friday and Saturday! What a further joy it was to see his lovely wife Sue! They both have answered the call that God placed on their hearts! I am so very blessed by this couple!

Yes, Rick it was pure joy in Windom…..a joy to preach in love……a joy to see a hometown boy become a great man of God and become a Pastor and have such a Godly wife as your partner in the mission God has given you both.

Nita Killebrew certainly spread her joy and love all over Windom.

This is from Pastor Rick……..

What a joy it was to preach both Friday and Saturday nights at the House of Hope revival in Windom. Sue and I had our picture taken with Nita Killabrew, wife of Twins great and Baseball Hall of Famer Harmon Killabrew. Harmon has always been my hero. Nita shared her beautiful testimony of her and Harmon’s faith, including Harmon’s last days on earth before he went to heaven. He was a kind, gentle, humble and loving follower of Christ, the kind of man that I aspire to be. The plaque is one my son Jim gave me on Father’s Day many years ago. I keep it in my office. Nita signed it for me and I will cherish my time with her and keep the plaque near to my heart always. Thank you Dewey Moede for your love and ministry to your hometown of Windom.

Pictured left to right is Sue, Nita Killebrew and Pastor Rick

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