BARC to be transformed into ‘House of Hope’

Article Written by Dave Fjeld of the Cottonwood County Citizen
Dewey Moede has a heart for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, whether it’s in his present home state of New Mexico, or in his hometown of Windom.
Through his organization, For God’s Glory Alone Ministries, Moede, a 1974 graduate of Windom Area High School, is returning to his hometown this weekend to not only share about Jesus, but to bring hope.
In fact, you could say, he wants to transform the BARC Auditorium into a “House of Hope,” the theme for a special event at BARC Friday and Saturday evenings.
Messages and music of hope will be shared during the two nights, which run from 5 to 9 p.m., each evening. Guests are welcome to come and go as their time allows.
“Every church, every home in America, I pray, would be a house of hope,” says Moede, who is leading his third spiritual event in Windom in as many years. “Everybody needs hope, joy and peace. The scripture the Lord gave me for this year’s event in Windom is Romans 15:13: ‘May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him.’
“The Christian life is to be characterized by hope, joy and peace as we grow in His grace. God wants us to experience each of them in increasing measure.”
Moede firmly believes that if hope, joy or peace is lacking, something has gone wrong and that’s when people need to seek the Lord, their pastor or a fellow member in the body of Christ to help them.
“In these days, in this world, we all need to be encouraged, which is why the Lord has showed me that scripture,” Moede maintains.
House of Hope is filled with many speakers Windom area residents will know or, at the very least, recognize.
However, Moede emphasizes that the weekend event is not about one person or even many speakers.
“This is about our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no agenda here, except for what God is showing us. This is a Godly event that people feel called to speak,” Moede says.
“You could call it a ‘House of Hearts for Jesus.’ People are going to be sharing their heart for Jesus and their love for people.”
Killebrew to speak
Arguably the highlight of both evenings will be messages from special guest Nita Killebrew, the wife of late great Minnesota Twins slugger Harmon Killebrew.
Moede has been a friend of Nita Killebrew for most of the past decade. He first got to know Harmon Killebrew through his work in radio. As Harmon battled cancer in 2011, Moede got to know Nita and they have been friends ever since.
However, they have been phone friends only. Although they’ve conversed regularly over the phone, this will be the first time the two have met face to face.
“She’s a very humble person and loves Jesus,” Moede explains. “And she loves to tell the story of her and Harmon and what her and Harmon learned together about God.”
Nita also is excited for a first face-to-face meeting with Moede and to share her message of hope with Windom area residents.
“Dewey is such a sweetheart, both he and his wife (Sharon),” Killebrew says. “He knew and admired Harmon as a baseball player and Harmon was on his (radio) show twice. Dewey reached out to me after Harmon died and that’s how it started.
“I’m excited. I’m a little nervous, but not as nervous as I usually am. Getting up and talking in front of people is not my forte. But this is stuff I love to tell — the real Harmon.”
At a special breakfast Saturday morning, Moede and Killebrew also will talk about Harmon’s life and the Twins greats Nita has gotten to know through her marriage to Harmon. For more, see the column on page 4.
However, Friday and Saturday nights, she will share her personal testimony.
“I will give my testimony of my life and how I came to Christ early on,” Nita says. “I wanted to be with Jesus all the time. I’ll go through all of that and bring it up to where I’m with Harmon.
“God led me to him.”
Speakers with local ties
Moede, Killebrew and Windom native Pastor Rick Frederickson of Springfield United Methodist Church will speak both evenings.
On Friday night, guest speakers will include Windom residents Dan Ortmann and Jack Kelly. Another former Windom resident Franz Boelter also will speak Friday.
On Saturday evening, more local residents — Babe Crowell, Loretta Jackson and Phil Anderson, all of Windom — will share messages of hope and inspiration.
More music in 2018
Music has been a huge part of past events and will be again in 2018.
Leading the music will be Dustin Stevens of Windom on piano and Barney Wall of Mt. Lake on autoharp.
“Dustin is going to do a tribute to Pat Fisher on Friday night, which will be a pretty special time for all of us,” Moede says, of the phenomenal pianist who dided in Janaury. “Pat not only played the piano for us, but was one of the leaders in putting the whole event together for us.
“Dustin said he is blessed to do that because he looked to Pat as a mentor.”
Joining them will be Shari Johnson and Tracy Miller from West Virginia. Johnson, who sings and plays the guitar and violin, has shared her talents at the past two events, while Miller, a singer, songwriter and musician, is making her first appearance in Windom.
They, as well as Killebrew, are coming to Windom from great distances for one purpose.
“They’re purpose in coming to Windom is to show their love of Jesus and show that love to the Windom people,” Moede says. “Shari and Tracy will do that so wonderfully through their music.”
Johnson has a small ministry similar to Moede’s FGGAM.
However, those attending can expect even more music, including a little congregational singing.
“Shari and Dustin want to do that and that will be a tremendous blessing,” Moede says.
Prayer is key
Moede emphasizes that these spiritual events are built around one very key ingredient — prayer.
“When I closed things up at last year’s event, people didn’t move,” Moede says. “What they wanted is prayer. So, I went down into the audience and prayed with people.
“So, that’s a big part of what we’re doing both nights. To close out the night we’ll be praying for people, taking their prayer requests, praying over them and ministering to them. That’s a huge part of what we’re going to do.”
And he’s bringing a special prayer warrior to open both evenings in prayer.
“Clara Nelson is 92 years old, written letters to people to come to the House of Hope and handed out flyers. She’s been a prayer warrior for all these years. Health-permitting she’ll be there both nights to open us up in prayer,” Moede concludes.
All the activity happens Friday and Saturday evenings at BARC, or more appropriately, the “House of Hope.”

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