What Is Your Heart Longing For? Pray…Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


What Is Your Heart Longing For? Pray…

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Good morning beautiful people. I love the things of God and I love to see Him operate through His people. I went to a service recently, and Pastor Freddy Clark spoke a few words over me. I must admit, I nervously stood up as he referred to me as the blonde sitting over there. For a moment, I had hoped there was another blonde nearby that would stand up and take the hot seat. You never know what this man is going to say, and I am a bit shy. He operates in a prophetic gift, the word of knowledge. I understand that, as at times I operate in this gift. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we know things that there is no way we would know. God shows us things about people, circumstances, future, etc. It is a revelatory gifting.

As I stood up Pastor Clark spoke to me about something I had been praying about that I told no one in this world. It was from something that was stolen from me when I was a child. I had taken piano lessons and loved the piano. The Methodist pastor’s wife was teaching me as I walked to her house once a week for my lesson.  Because of an incident that happened on my way home one day, I was no longer able to go for my lesson. It was unsafe for me to walk and I had no ride. I always felt robbed of my learning to play the piano from this incident.

Lately, I have been declaring that everything that was stolen from me would be given back according to God’s Word. Jesus would pay me back. Whenever I would have access to a piano, I would play the few cords I know. Believe me it’s just basic, a few cords. To make a long story short, I recently was asked to help with worship and speak at a church that is going through transition. I told them I could speak, but the singing-music part, well that was probably not the best idea they had. I did tell God though, I would do anything He needed me to do to help the church out. Hmmm…

Pastor Clark started pulling on my fingers and said there were notes in there, musical notes. That I probably wouldn’t like what he was going to say, but God was going to match my voice to those notes in my fingers. Isn’t that amazing beautiful people? See God hears everything we talk to Him about. I had been secretly asking God to anoint my hands to play the piano. I still am pondering the voice part. Amazing, just amazing.

Have a blessed day beautiful people. Whatever has been stolen from you, ask God to pay you back. He truly has the masterplan.

So I will restore to you the years that the locusts have eaten. Joel 2:25







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