Mountaineer’s Mission for Minnesota


This will be my third year traveling to Windom, Minnesota for the FGGAM (For God’s Glory Alone Ministry) Revival. I fell in love with people of Windom 10 minutes into my first day in that city. I was every bit as burdened for that city as I am my own county and State. And that’s no exaggeration. The greatest perk about being a child of God is that Heaven, in the presence of Jehovah, is my future. But a close second is the experience of being with His people on this earth. People I’ve never met before in my life suddenly become like old friends that you’ve been separated from. Their town is my town, and their mission for the revival fires to be lit is mine too. I have to wonder about Jeremiah 1:5a – Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee. It’s a verse I ponder a lot.

If God knew me before I was born, where was I. And was Rod Byam, Dewey Moede, Pat and Butch Dunnick and Loretta Jackson there? And the dozens and dozens of other friends I’ve met in Windom? Is that why, when we met, we were like old friends. Perhaps it is. I don’t know… like I said, I ponder that verse a lot.

This year I have the privilege of traveling with my good friend Tracy Miller. I’m excited to introduce her lively spirit to my Windom Friends. She is a godly woman of deep faith who the Lord has used in music and song writing to bless people everywhere; and Windom, Minnesota is about to get a dose of her contagious personality! She is a live wire for Jesus! She encourages my soul and she will no doubt do the same for the folks of Windom.

God has put two messages of hope on my heart for the people of Windom. As I’ve been preparing the messages my heart (the new and improved version after a double bypass) beats with passion to share it. I’m also excited to meet the new friends that Dewey and the team have lined up for this year’s event. I feel so unworthy to even be listed on the same platform, but excited to see what God has in store.

Tracy and I will leave West Virginia on Tuesday, August 7 and arrive on Wednesday in Windom. The fourteen hour drive will no doubt be filled with music and laughter and we’ll be so fired up, Fire Chief Dan Ortman may have to extinguish us to keep us from burning down the BARC. Just kidding… Dan wouldn’t put out this fire!

As with any mission trip, there are the usual expenses. Tracy and I are solo ministries. If you feel inclined to help with our travel, food and any other expense we incur, our hearts would be ever so grateful. We will represent West Virginia well for Jesus Christ! You can paypal myself at or Tracy at

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