It Won’t Always Be This Way

I am so blessed to know Vincy Willamowski, such an awesome woman of God! I have gotten to know her from her wonderful work on WFRN Christian radio in South Bend/Eklhart, Indiana. WFRN is where I got my start in Christian radio back in 1986. I still work with ownership, which is such a Godly honor, it makes me feel like I can pay back a bit of the blessings they bestowed on me.
This post by Vincy really preached to me, a 62 year-old Grandpa………

Sitting – for a moment.
Reflecting – for a time.
Summer. Pool. Chaos.
And I’m grateful, for the laughter I hear…for the warmth I feel.

It won’t always be this way.
Me – young enough to enjoy – old enough to realize.
Them – young enough to not care – old enough to remember.
So…I hang on. I cement the picture of them into my head, and onto my heart…so I can stay.

I look…so I can truly see….the gift of time.
It can be a bit of a task master(time)
It can yell in your face – and flail memories and moments like they’re painful presents rushing past…but I won’t let it.
I will carve and I will caress these places in my heart.
I will treasure. I will keep.
I will make it my “mom pledge” to speak of, and reiterate, the minuscule mundane, to the miraculous majestic, ALL of it…this life we have.
Watching them play in the pool…that’s my heart right there…swimming outside of my body. I’m so blessed to witness the movements of the water over my babies, over my heart, over my life..
and I will not take it for granted. #grateful

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