Sunday: Peace With God


UPDATE: I will not be able to go to Reserve on Sunday. The radiator of my car has cracked! I will not be able to get it fixed until Monday. Please keep this in your prayers. Thank you and God Bless! This is the first Pastoral assignment I have not made! I feel sad.

I am going to try and record the message I had prepared. I will keep you posted.PTL!!! I get to preach JESUS on Sunday at FBC in Reserve! I love all my friends in Reserve! It has been almost 6 years now that God called me to fill in from time to time at FBC in Reserve. Sometimes it has meant stretches of every week or every other week or twice a month.

I thank God for calling me to Reserve 6 years ago this Christmas. I have learned so much about God and people. I also have learned a lot about myself, which has helped me become more mature as a man of God.

This Sunday at 11am at First Baptist Church in Reserve I will be preaching on “Peace with God”. Psalm 4:8

Hear His words..”Peace be with you.” John 20:19

That peace comes from a close, personal relationship with God.

If you do not have a home Church, I would love to see you Sunday!

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