Small Church Pastors: Forgotten Heroes



As many of you know I circuit preach, mostly in Reserve, NM at the First Baptist Church. What a blessing it has been for me in my walk with our Lord and my maturity as a Pastor! This write up in Christianity Today hit home with me. I pray it is a blessing to you. I have so many mentors that Pastor small Churches, I have learned so much from them, they have helped guide me since I became a Pastor in 2009. The best education I could ask for! They are my heroes. This article is written by Karl Vaters.

Please support and pray for the Pastors of small churches, to me they are the backbone of the American Church. Maybe your Church can donate funds to the smaller churches in your area. 

Where did we get the idea that small churches are small because there’s something wrong with them and/or their pastors?

There are millions of small church pastors doing great, kingdom-building work with little or no budget, little or no facilities and little or no salary. Yet every day they bear as much, if not more pastoral burden as their full-time big church counterparts. All without recognition for the extraordinary sacrifices they make (not that they’re expecting any).

Christianity Today Story

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