Restoring Innocence, Healing Waters Women’s Conference… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Restoring Innocence, Healing Waters Women’s Conference… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day

Stolen Innocence, left to bleed
Wounded heart, left empty
Black, dark and ugly
Memories, none dark time.

Forgiven, chosen, still no memories
Lord would you take me back, back to that day?
When I was hurt, where was I? Where did this all happen?

Did my mom and dad know? Sister did you see?
Can you show me Jesus? Unresolved feelings, Lord I gotta have them removed.

Memories, I have arrived, prepared for the scene. I’ve forgiven, but I must remember where it all began.

Four years old and it was not my fault, so I’ve been told. My sisters in Christ brought me this word. Lord they did not know. Lord this was between us, my prayer, a question I asked you on that day. The answer came from my two Christian sisters. I will never forget that day. A message you sent and a sister that sat and stroked my hair. A little girl she did say. I felt like a little girl. Did anyone ever stroke my hair that way? Lord they didn’t know. I shared with no one the prayer I prayed. Jesus you answer in your way. Pain, I know my sisters have walked through. I don’t know where they are on their journey of healing. Thank you, Lord, for sending them to me.

Jesus thank you for walking me through each step at a time. I’ve arrived now, I desire to know if there’s more to the mountain I must climb.

A new year, another new beginning. Jesus you have been so faithful to me. I know that will never end. Jesus you are and will always be, my most trusted friend.

Healing Waters Women’s Conference 2018

Restoring Of Innocence Conference: A faith based conference for women directed towards healing of emotional wounds caused by a variety of circumstances. These may include past physical, emotional, and sexual abuse/trauma, domestic violence as well as hurt from past abortion(s).

Meet us there for this free life changing conference: Friday April 20th, 2018 7:00 PM & Saturday April 21st 9AM-4PM

Agape House Canada 25/27 Pine Glen Road Riverview, N.B. E1B1V3



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