PTL!!! New Mexico’s Construction Boom Has Pushed The State to Top National Rankings

PTL!!! We give all thanks to God! Great news this week for New Mexico!!
New Mexico’s year-long construction boom has pushed the state to top national rankings for employment growth in the industry.
The state’s 9.7 %  increase in construction jobs between January of this year and  January  a year ago was tied with Nevada for No. 3 in the nation.
We also reported this news earlier this week……..

AWESOME NEWS FOR NEW MEXICO! So many of my friends across the U.S. will be surprised by this because they do not think of New Mexico in this way: A top producer of oil! In fact New Mexico is the third-largest oil-producing state in the U.S.

This is such a blessing for our state, as we have so many needs, like new roads, our infrastructure needs so much help. When I travel into rural New Mexico so many roads are in bad shape. It seems the rural areas have been forgotten.

Yes, I know the list of needs in New Mexico is long………

Read here about New Mexico’s OIL BOOM: ABQ Journal Report

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