Pray For ABQ: Five Homicides in Six Days



Albuquerque Police are investigating the fifth homicide in six days in the city.

KOB TV Report

Let us be in prayer for Albuquerque

I posted this earlier today from our Dear Friend Mercy, this was before the fifth murder occurred.

Mercy Alarid a Christian Leader here in Albuquerque and of Passion Church, spoke about the most recent killing spree in ABQ yesterday:

This is the fourth homicide in four days in Albuquerque. The rage and the callousness in our city can’t be solved by law enforcement only. We need to pray for conviction and repentance to apprehend hearts before conflicts happen. As we pray for justice to be done in these four cases, let’s pray for future crimes to be stopped by true repentance. And that repentance must start with Christians.

Thousands in our city will not step foot in a church but they interact with us every day at home, at work, and at school. It’s time to share the message of Jesus with everyone we know in Albuquerque. We must reach out in real love. That can take on the form of a home-made meal, an act of service, a talk about spiritual matters and even a heartfelt prayer in the middle of a busy intersection. Lives depend on it so we can’t be too busy to listen.

This is not a platitude. It is an urgent matter that lies in the hands of Albuquerque Christians. While the police do their job, we must do ours. One day we will answer for our city and we won’t be able to blame APD for its problems. We will be asked what we did to reach our city, to love the unloveable, and to preach the only message that changes the heart of men. How would you answer that question? If your answer falls short, as mine does today, there’s still time to fall on our knees, repent and do the works of God-preach, teach, heal the sick, love the outcasts, and bring deliverance to the broken in our city. God is counting on you!

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