Out-of-State Abortion Lobby Targets NM
Partners with “ProgressNow” to Promote
Abortion Extremism
Planned Parenthood’s Outside Dollars Pour into New Mexico

New Mexico Alliance for Life has found that the out-of-state abortion political machine is already at it again this year, attacking New Mexico’s cultural values under the name “Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico” (PP Votes NM) in partnership with ProgressNow NM. As we reported last November, the Planned Parenthood corporate abortion machine dumped tens of thousands into the mayoral election– funded by outside interests.  NMAFL has discovered this extreme abortion lobby also heavily influenced New Mexico’s 2016 statewide elections, dumping nearly half a million dollars into our state! Read more below.

Planned Parenthood’s big corporate political dollars from out-of-state are being used to attack New Mexico’s historic and cultural values, and New Mexicans who support common sense protections like the late-term abortion ban and parental notification of abortion. They understand this will be the most important election cycle for New Mexicans in years– as we know thousands of innocent lives are at stake.
Let’s face it, we can’t compete with the corporate abortion empire, which is why your help is critical. Help us sponsor an ad on social media so we to reach 10,000 New Mexicans or more with the truth about the corporate abortion lobby. Partner with us by giving a secure online donation today of $20, $75 or $200, or a monthly donation so we can counter these baseless attacks from Planned Parenthood’s out-of-state donors. Tell Planned Parenthood’s political arm to keep their corporate abortion dollars out of New Mexico and stop promoting the culture of death in our state.

Corporate Abortion Funding NM Elections from New York City

In fact, we have discovered that “PP Votes NM,” operates under a Denver, Colorado addressand media contact.  Also, NMAFL has found New York’s Planned Parenthood Action Fund and  Colorado’s Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Action Fund are the dark money vehicle dumping tens of thousands of dollars into New Mexico elections since 2016, in order to influence our state with their abortion extremism.

Read more below about the out-of-state corporate abortion lobby and their partners in NM.

This week, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported, “[Planned Parenthood’s] political arm already has launched digital ads targeting Democrats who take a more conservative stance on [abortion], including state Reps. Debbie Rodella and Carl Trujillo – legislators from Northern New Mexico who voted in 2015 to ban late-term abortions and are this year facing primary election challengers.”

In reality, Rep. Carl Trujillo was accused by the Denver-based Planned Parenthood Votes NM of “shaming women and families in New Mexico,” for voting to protect women and children from dangerous late-term abortions. Another attack claimed representatives Maestas Barnes, Hall, Adkins, Rodella, Little, and Youngblood, “consistently misrepresent New Mexican values by supporting these harmful pieces of legislation.

Images below show Denver-based Planned Parenthood Votes NM and ProgressNow NM’s coordinated attacks on New Mexicans supporting common sense protections like the late-term abortion ban and parental notification of abortion– protecting our daughters and women from the abortion industry.

Planned Parenthood: Keep Out-of-State Dark Money Out of NM Politics

This will be the most important election cycle for New Mexicans in years– as thousands of innocent lives are at stake. Help us fight back against these out of state corporate abortion dollars trying to change and influence our state.
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