Good Morning Beautiful People…Facebook Fathers Isn’t Enough


Good Morning Beautiful People…Facebook Fathers Isn’t Enough

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. I attended a church service last Sunday night that has stayed etched in my mind all week. The Pastor said he felt there were two individuals he needed to pray for. After praying for several others that came forward, he called his daughter forward. I wish I could remember everything he said to her, because it was priceless. I do remember him saying he was going to spend more time with her. With his arms wrapped around her, he promised even when she goes to college he would drive there and spend time with her. He must have held on her and prayed and spoke to her seemed like half an hour. He didn’t seem to be in any hurry for anything else to happen in this church service. He wasn’t moving on until he obeyed what God had him say and do on behalf of his precious daughter. What a father.

I had an opportunity to pray for this pastor the Sunday night prior. I told him he better buy some running shoes, because something was about ready to take off. I now know why I said that. He carries that fathers anointing to the world as many others that God is speaking to right now.

The taping I attended in Dallas of Oprah and Bishop T.D. Jakes has come back to my mind many times this week as I reflect back on that night. America has been dealing with too many children without a healthy father. I believe God is saying spiritual mothers and fathers, it’s time to step it up. I have called you, I have equipped you and I need you. You are vital to what I want to do in America and across this land. I have put a mothers anointing and a fathers anointing on you. You will bring healing to many that need to know what it is like to have a healthy relationship. Many women and girls, boys and men don’t know what it is, even to have received a healthy hug. Can you step up to the plate and be my arms extended? Can I bring the healing rain to your town, church, home? Can I trust you to obey? Let’s pray:

Father, thank you for spiritual mothers and fathers. Thank you for being the best Father this world has ever known. You are not mad at us, you love us. You loved us enough to die for us. Father, thank you for the spiritual mothers and fathers you have raised up for such a time as this. May they be found faithful to do whatever you ask. Healing rain come on down and let our love for one another flow to the ends of the earth as you heal our land. We receive. Amen

Pastor Wes Faloon, a father to the nations, well done! Oh, the second person he prayed for, well you better just turn your radio on.

Have a blessed day beautiful people. Show the world some love today.


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