This morning my message is based on Isaiah 44: 1-8. Revival Fire! I hear the cry for Revival in the world, I hear the cry for Revival in America. Revival Fire: Man-Made or God-Given? What Godly leader has no desire in their heart to see the fire of God? We all long for fire to descend from heaven to empower us to accomplish a great task. Sometimes, however, when it seems hard to wait for the “heavenly fire”, we resort to ‘homemade” fire. Please now listen to my podcast

Many ask, how do I know I am hearing from God? or they ask, how can I hear God? It all starts with a close personal relationship with God. Reading the Word of God brings you in tune with God and His Will. You will hear from God and you will know it is God as everything will line up with His Word.

When things do not line up with His Word it is not of God. That is why it is so very important for you to read your Bible everyday, by doing so you will become very close to Him.

Our God is not a God of confusion. Our God is a God of clarity, that is why He gave us His Words and promises.

When you are with God you will know right from wrong.

If I can help you with your relationship with God, just drop me an email

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