Pastor Dewey on The HUB of NM: I Met Billy Graham on The Radio


Pastor Dewey shared about the life of Billy Graham on the Hub of New Mexico this morning with his buddy Dan Rosecrans:
Billy Graham has had such an impact on my life. When I worked the Sunday shift on KGCX radio in Sidney, Montana in the late 70’s I used to load onto the reel-to-reel machine, (Yes, I know many of you young folk do not know what that is) Billy’s program Hour of Decision! WOW! Hearing him every Sunday was a big part of my growth in JESUS! AMEN!
I carry with me to this day the book, “The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham” Billy was a man of such Godly integrity!
The greatest preacher ever in America and the world!
What a day in HEAVEN!!!! PTL!!!
Billy is now in heaven, the eternal home he spent his life preaching and writing about! PTL!!!
Please now listen to the interview

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