Mom Dies From Flu After Hospital Sends Her Home


We mourn over this news….we are praying for the family and friends.please take care of yourselves folks. We are praying for good health for everyone, in JESUS name, AMEN!

Mom dies from flu after hospital sends her home

Tandy Harmon, 36, went to the ER with the flu. They sent her away, and she died a few days later. Read the full story


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CDC: 16 more children dead from flu, peak still to come

Fifty-three children have died from flu-related illness so far this year, according to the CDC. The season has not yet peaked and experts say it is rivaling other severe flu seasons of the past. Read the full story


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The flu is not letting up this year, Doctors and Hospitals are swamped. The Washington Post looks back to the 1918 flu pandemic.

January 27, 2018 at 7:00 AM

The flu arrived as a great war raged in Europe, a conflict that would leave about 20 million people dead over four years.

In 1918, the flu would kill more than twice that number — and perhaps five times as many — in just 15 months. Though mostly forgotten, it has been called “the greatest medical holocaust in history.”

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We are praying for good health for all! Take care of yourself!

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