A Letter From APD Officer Ryan Holets


This morning I asked Albuquerque Police Officer Ryan Holets if I could pass along this letter to you all. This letter PREACHES! The life of Officer Holets and his wife PREACHES! I pray that the life we all live PREACHES JESUS! AMEN!


To Whom It may Concern,

On September 23, 2017 while on duty as an Albuquerque Police Officer, I encountered a pregnant mother name Crystal. She was shooting up heroin and was homeless. As I spoke with her, I was deeply moved by Crystal who outlined the struggle of her addiction and her desire for her unborn child to have a future. In her mind, that future involved an adoptive family who would love her and care for her. Crystal had decided that she was not prepared to go through rehab but was unwilling that her child be exposed to the consequences of her personal decision. Crystal could not bring herself to have an abortion because of her love for her unborn baby.

My Wife and I offered to adopt Crystal’s child; our precious daughter, who we named Hope. I am so grateful that Crystal chose life for our daughter. Because of her brave decision, Hope has a bright future and a wonderful life to live. Instead of being a nameless statistic of an ended pregnancy, her beautiful face brings joy each day to those around her. Hope is living proof that adoption saves lives. Scores of adoptive parents fill waiting lists, ready to share their love and homes with children in need. Our hope is that mothers, like Crystal, have increased access to services that help them cope with their addiction and have healthy pregnancies; that when a mother decides to give her child the gift of life through adoption, she has more choices and opportunities to connect with families that will love their children; and that mothers who fear judgements from society that they “gave their babies away” or “did not love their child” would instead be recognized for their courage and love which provides their children with the gift of life and hope.


Respectfully,                                                                                                                                                                            Ryan Holets


From Feb 6th of this year………….

FGGAM NEWS just received this news release, thank you Elisa Martinez!

February 6, 2018
For Immediate Release
Elisa Martinezelisa@nmallianceforlife.org
“Angels on Earth Day” Celebrates APD Officer Ryan Holets Highlights Adoption and Pro-Life Stories
Legislators Pass Memorial Honoring Value of Life
SANTA FE: This afternoon, the New Mexico State House passed House Memorial 57, “Angel’s on Earth Day” honoring Albuquerque Police Department Officer Ryan Holets, sponsored by representatives Rebecca Dow (R – Grant, Hidalgo, Sierra) and Tim Lewis (R – Bernalillo) unanimously.  Officer Holets, along with a handful of Albuquerque Police Department Officers and representatives from pro-life organizations across the state were present on the House Floor today, in order to bring awareness to alternatives to abortion, adoption and addiction for women facing unplanned or difficult pregnancies.

“People have asked why I went out of my way to help Tom and Crystal, Hope’s parents. They have value,” said Officer Ryan Holets in a press conference this morning. “I was affected by Crystal and her love for Hope before she was born. One of the most powerful statements Crystal made to me was that she believes she has a choice, but she still could not bring herself to end the life of her baby because she loved her and that is the reason she continued with her pregnancy.”In New Mexico, abortion is legal throughout all 9 months of pregnancy and often mothers like Crystal, who was 8 months along with baby Hope, are pressured to abort their child.  Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, does abortions well past 27 weeks on a “case by case basis.”

While on the House Floor, a testimony was read on behalf of Officer Holets by Rep. Rebecca Dow, “Because of Crystal’s brave decision, Hope has a bright future and a wonderful life to live. Instead of being a nameless statistic of an ended pregnancy, her beautiful face brings joy each day to those around her. Hope is living proof that adoption saves lives.”

Other legislators from the Republican House Caucus honored “Angels on Earth” from their own communities. Representative Larry Larranaga (R- Bernalillo) spoke on behalf of his guest Kaydence West Bero, a lively 2 year old who was born with Down Syndrome.  “Kaydence had to undergo heart surgery and intestinal surgery shortly after birth,” said Larranaga. “Kaydence is one of the lucky ones, because 85% of all Down Syndrome babies are aborted, simply because they are termed disabled. What a tragedy. I stand here to speak for them.”

Rep. Bob Wooley (R-Lea) introduced Carolyn and Mike Hardwick who chose life for their daughter after OB/GYNs and healthcare professionals informed them their baby would not survive and recommended pregnancy termination. Today the daughter they chose to keep is 36 years old, holds a master’s degree and has children of her own.

“It is a shame that our society does not have more individuals like Officer Ryan Holets and others who were introduced by legislators here today,” said Rep. Greg Nibert (R- Chaves, Lincoln).Various pro-life organizations including New Mexico Alliance for Life, Carenet Pregnancy Centers, Alongside Ministries, the Zoe Project and individuals shared pro-life and adoption testimonies.

APD Officer Ryan Holets and his wife, Rebecca, adopted baby Hope from a homeless Albuquerque woman addicted to opioids. The birth mother, Crystal Champ refers to Officer Holets as her “angel on earth.” After receiving national attention for his heroic actions, Officer Holets and his family attended the State of the Union address in Washington, D.C., as guests of the First Lady last week. The Holets’ mission is to help change the country’s view of those trapped in the grips of addiction and homelessness. Watch video of the press conference here.

The New Mexico Alliance for Life is a nonpartisan organization focused on changing state and local laws by empowering women with better and informed choices when facing unplanned or difficult pregnancies and advocating for better protections for women and unborn children from an unsafe abortion industry. For more information visit www.nmallianceforlife.org


NM Alliance for Life, NMAFL, Albuquerque, NM 87110

House Celebrates “New Mexico’s Angels on Earth” Day in Honor of APD Officer Ryan Holets & His Family 

From The House Republican Commications Office: 

SANTA FE—Today the House of Representatives adopted House Memorial 57 proclaiming February 6, 2018, as “New Mexico’s Angels on Earth” Day in honor of Ryan and Rebecca Holets, a Rio Rancho couple who have received national attention for adopting a baby born to a woman struggling with heroin addiction. The memorial was sponsored by Rep. Rebecca Dow (R-Truth or Consequences) and Rep. Tim Lewis (R-Rio Rancho).  


In September 2017, after responding to an emergency call, Albuquerque Police Officer Holets encountered a couple using heroin behind a convenience store. Officer Holets confronted the couple when he noticed that woman, Crystal Champ, was eight-months pregnant. After speaking with Ms. Champ and listening to her concern for her unborn child, Officer Holets and his wife, Rebecca, agreed to adopt the baby, who they have since named Hope.  


Officer Holets and his wife have diverted all offers of financial assistance towards obtaining drug treatment services for Ms. Champ and her companion. They have also been tireless advocates for adoption and substance abuse awareness. Numerous representatives introduced guests who have promoted adoption, foster care, and access to behavioral treatment services.  


“It is an honor to proclaim today as ‘New Mexico’s Angels on Earth Day’ and bring attention to all of the people working throughout the state to protect the dignity of every human life in New Mexico.” 


“Ryan and Rebecca Holets represent the best of human compassion, and it’s fitting that we celebrate their work to help others in desperate need,” said Rep. Lewis.  


“My Wife and I offered to adopt Crystal’s child; our precious daughter, who we named Hope. I am so grateful that Crystal chose life for our daughter. Because of her brave decision, Hope has a bright future and a wonderful life to live. Instead of being a nameless statistic of an ended pregnancy, her beautiful face brings joy each day to those around her. Hope is living proof that adoption saves lives,” wrote Officer Holets in a statement read by Rep. Dow on the House floor.  

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